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COUNTY COUNCIL Northampton County Council

Northampton County Council

Anyone entering the Northampton County Government Center is encouraged to review and comply with the current CDC recommendations on COVID-19 at COVID-19 guidance and if they so choose to wear masks and social distance, regardless of vaccination status.


         Northampton County is governed by a board of nine County Council members elected every four years by the voters. Council organizes the first Monday of each year when the members elect one of their own to serve as President and one to serve as Vice President. The Council is permitted to adopt resolutions and ordinances to carry out and regulate the affairs of the county including rules and regulations regarding the use of county property. All phases of financial administration, except final audit, also rest with Council. Council is responsible for adopting a budget each calendar year. The budget includes setting real estate tax rates and fees to raise the funds needed to meet the needs of the County budget.

        Counties are required by law to provide certain services to their citizens. Each county performs a wide range of different functions including community development, environmental planning, overseeing elections and providing a wide array of human services. To fund these important programs, counties rely on taxes based on the value of real estate in the community. Many social programs are primarily funded by federal and state grants, which are forwarded to the County government for distribution.

         County Council members and staff take great pride in serving the people who live and work in Northampton County. Covering over 370 square miles of land and 7.7 square miles of water, dating back to the birth of America, Northampton County is sure to offer something for everyone!

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