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​It is important that procedural rules be consolidated in one volume for use by those who appear before the Court. This compilation is intended to benefit Northampton County attorneys, attorneys from other counties, and the public.

Rules of Procedure ought to be designed to secure the speedy, just, and inexpensive determination of litigation as mandated by Pa. R.C.P. 126. Changes in substantive law require new procedures for implementation. To accomplish these goals, the rules adopted by this Court strive for simplified and uniform procedures while rejecting obsolete and unduly complex practices. Adherence to these local rules benefits litigants, witnesses, the Bar, the Bench, and the public.

Special acknowledgment is due Lisa A. Mann, Northampton County Law Librarian, who has maintained and updated the current compilation.

October, 2018

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collapse Court Rule : Administrative Procedure ‎(174)
collapse SubCourtRule :  ‎(174)
1982-1 Admin. Fee for Filing Motion for Divorce
1984-2 Release of Pre Sentence Investigations
1986-1 Photography and Broadcasting...
1988-1 Term. of Inactive Civil and Criminal Cases
1991-2 Selection of Jurors for Service
1991-5 Intermediate Punishment Act, Act 193
1992-3 Juvenile Court Procedure
1992-4 Juvenile Court Procedure - Exceptions
1992-6 Photography and Broadcasting...
1992-10 Counseling Fees for Termination and...
1992-11 Designation of Agencies to be Listed in...
1993-1 Quick Disposition Program (Q.D.P.)
1993-2 Weapons Screening
1993-4 Guilty Plea Statements
1993-5 Termination of Parental Rights - Notice From the Court
1993-7 Counsel Attendance at Criminal Court Sessions
1994-4 Procedure Governing Actions For PFA Proceedings
1994-6 Establishment of Fees for D.U.I. Alternative...
1994-9 Abortion Control Act - Minor’s Petition
1994-12 Selection of Prospective Jurors
1994-17 Pre-trial Diversion Programs
1995-3 Disqualification of Night Duty District...
1995-4 Summary Jury Trial Rules
1995-8 Notification Upon Release of Offender...
1995-9 Preparation of Parole Plans Prior to...
1995-13 State Sentences -Failure to Make Parole...
1996-1 Probable Cause Hearings - County Parole...
1997-4 Implementation of Rule of Judicial...
1997-6 Termination of Inactive Civil Cases
1998-3 Search Warrant Applications Pursuant...
1998-4 Procedure Governing Actions for PFA...
1999-2 Change of Name Procedures...
1999-3 Assessment of Court Costs for DUI Offenders
1999-5 Assignment of Guilty Plea Judge
1999-7 Disposition of Weapons, P.F.A. Orders
1999-13 Court Officers Designated to Authorize...
1999-15 A.R.D. in Summary Cases-Procedure
2001-01 Alternative Sentencing for D.U.I....
2001-03 Intermediate Punishment Sentences...
2002-01 D.U.I. Program Fees
2002-02 Use of Courtrooms and Judicial Facilities
2003-01 D.U.I. Program Fees
2003-2 Assessment and Collection of Juvenile Court
2003-5 Ignition Interlock
2003-6 Criminal Case Pretrial Conferences
2003-7 Assign of Guilty Plea Judge
2003-8 Domestic Relations Section Vacancies
2003-9 Judicial Assignments
2004-2 Dom Rel Fee Schedule
2004-3 Criminal Case Pretrial Conference
2004-4 Facsimile Signature of District Justice
2004-7 Distribution of Money Coll in Juv
2005-2 Bethlehem Parking Citations
2005-3 Arrest Procedures Designations Auth
2005-4 Fees to Children and Youth
2005-5 APPTMNT Mental Health Officer
2006-1 Fees 18 P.S. 11.1102
2006-2 Transcript Contested Divorce
2006-3 Child Custody Conference Procedure
2006-4 DUI Program Fees
2006-9 Adoption Searches
2006-10 American Counsel Serv Bad Check
2006-11 State Police Risk Assessment Team
2006-12 Criminal Homicide Prosecutions
2006-14 Fees Reg of Wills Orphans Court
2006-15 Fees Civil
2006-16 Fees Criminal Division
2007-1 Solicitors Appearance in Juvenile
2007-2 Publicity Photo Broad CT Proceedings
2007-3 Advanced Comm Tech CBC
2007-5 Emergency Applications CTHouse Closed
2007-6 Judicial Assignments
2007-7 CBC Center Costs
2008-3 Qualifications Def Counsel in Capital Case
2009-3 Types of Bail
2009-5 Parole Violators
2009-6 Outside Programming
2009-7 Rule N 1915.1 Cust.Conf. Amendment
2009-8 Procedure Governing Actions for Protection from Abuse Orders
2010-7 Compromise, Settlement,Discontinuance and Dist
2013-5 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2013-6 Notice To Defend Amendment To Rule N1018.1
2014-1 Clerk of Orphan's Guardianship Cert
2014-3 A.R.D. In Summary Cases
2014-6 Administrative Order Real Property
2015-1 Co-Parent Education Program
2015-3 AO Exceptions to Divorce Masters Report
2015-5 Custody of Exhibits
2015-6 Evaluations ordered/Condition of Bail
2015-8 Comprehensive Courthouse Security and Weapons
2015-9 Central Booking Procedure
2016-1 Presentation of Expert Testimony
2016-2 Addit'l Requirements for Adoption Petition
2016-3 Northampton County School Attendance Improvement Court
2016-4 Constable Review Board
2016-5 ARD and DNA Fees
AO2016-6 Acceptance of E-Mailed or Faxed Declaration of Medical Professional for Extensions of Emer. Guardianship Decrees
2016-9 Use of Technology in Criminal Matters
2017-2 Orphans' Court Rules
2018-2 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2018-4 Appointment of Judge of Northampton County Juvenile Division
2018-5 Appointment of Administrative Judge of Northampton County Orphans' Court Division
2018-6 Appointment of Administrative Judge of Northampton County Custody Court Division
2018-8 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2019-1 Administrative Judge of Criminal Court
2019-2 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2019-4 Rule4009 Court Reporting and Transcript fees and procedures
2019-7 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
AO2020-4, Amending/Repealing Rules N212A, N1028C and N1017
2020-5 Public Access to Night Duty Case Records of Magisterial District Courts
2020-6 Public Access Prohibited, Limited Access, Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center
2020-7 Juvenile Dependency and Deliquency Proceedings
2020-8 Summary Appeals, ARD, DUI and NON-DUI Hearings, ASP Hearings
2020-9 Judicial Emergency
2020-10 Judidical Emergency Pa.R.J.A. 1952
2020-12 Judicial Emergency Pa.R.J.A. 1952
2020-17 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency (4/17/2020)
2020-20 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency-Order for Possession
2020-28 Pa.R.J.A. 1952 Judicial Emergency (6/8/2020)
2020-30 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency
2020-32 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2020-33 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergencey
2020-34 PA.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency
2020-35 Disposition of Weapons for PFA Orders
2020-36 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency (10/1/2020)
2020-28 Pa.R.J.A. 1952 Judicial Emergency (11/6/2020)
2020-39 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency November 23,2020
2020-41 Mortgage Foreclosure Progam
2020-42 Pa.R.J.A. Judicial Emergency 12/29/2020
2021-1 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency (2/15/2021)
2021-3 Magisterial District Judge Technician/Secure Staff Area Access
2021-5 Establishment Of A Central Court
2021-6 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency (4/26/2021)
2021-8 Judicial Emergency Pa.R.J.A. 1952 (5/18/2021)
2021-10 Order Designating Court Holiday Juneteenth
2021-11 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2021-13 Pa.R.J.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency (7/1/2021)
2021-16 Pa.J.R.A. 1952-Judicial Emergency -Face Masks
2021-17 Courthouse Firearms Policy
2021-18 Mental Health Court
2021-19 Establishment of a Central Court
2021-20 Judicial Emergency
2021-23 Night Duty Schedule
2021-24 Central Court Schedule
2021-25 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2021-26 Detention of/Incarceration of Juveniles
2021-27 - Establishing Custody Court Division (assigning JM)
2021-28 - Establishing Juvenile Court Division (assigning CD)
2022-1 Problem Solving Courts Appointment
2022‐2, Rule 1952 Judicial
2022-4 Family Law Rule 1915.19 co-parent education program
2022-5 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2022-9 Vacated by AO 2023-7
2022-15 Night Duty Schedule
2022-20 Adoption of Local Rule 209 Misc. Hearings and Non-Jury Trial Lists
2022-21 Adoption of Local Rule N212A Case Management Trial Lists
2022-18 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2022-19 Effect of Termination order on Supervised Visits
2022-17 Central Court Schedule
2023-1 Increased Fees Court Appointed Guardians
2023-2 Co-Parent Education Program
2023-3 Scheduling of Orphans’ Court Cases
2023-4 Payment for court appointed attorneys and emergency guardians in Orphans’ court cases
2023-7 Vacating AO 2022-9
2023-11 Mortgage Foreclosure Program
2023-14 Adoption of Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Custody Procedures
2023-17 Amending Local Rule N1302, Selection and Compensation of Arbitrators
2023-19 Electronic Filing
2023-20 Night Duty Schedule
2023-21 (Mortgage Foreclosure Program)
collapse Court Rule : Civil Procedure ‎(70)
collapse SubCourtRule :  ‎(3)
N1920.55-2, Exceptions to Divorce Master’s Report
Note: Former Rules Deleted
N4008. Deposition by Oral Examination
collapse SubCourtRule : Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition ‎(1)
N300.101 Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition
collapse SubCourtRule : Action in Ejectment ‎(1)
N1051 Commencing Action by Praecipe
collapse SubCourtRule : Action of Mortgage Foreclosure ‎(1)
N3183 Stay of Execution. Setting Aside Execution
collapse SubCourtRule : Action of Replevin ‎(1)
N3172 Stay of Execution. Setting Aside Execution
collapse SubCourtRule : Action to Quiet Title ‎(1)
N1066 Order for Writ of Possession
collapse SubCourtRule : Actions at Law/Civil Actions ‎(11)
N1012 Appearance; Withdrawal
N1017 Briefs in Support of Preliminary...
N1018.1 Notice to Defend
N1021 Money Damages
N1025 Endorsement-Change of Address
N1028(c) Procedure for Disposition of Preliminary Objections
N1029 Action on Book Account
N1033 Form of Amendment-Costs
N1034 Ground for Motion for Judgment on the...
N1035 Motion for Summary Judgment
N1037 Opening Default Judgments
collapse SubCourtRule : Actions for Wrongful Death ‎(1)
N2206 Settlement, Compromise, Discontinuance...
collapse SubCourtRule : Business of Courts ‎(27)
N205.2A Form of Pleadings, Papers and Affidavits
N205.2B Removing Papers
N206 Procedure for Issuance of Rule to Show Cause
N208.3 Procedure Governing Motions
N209 Hearing Lists
N210 Content and Filing of Briefs
N211 Argument Lists-Requests for Findings and...
N211D Arg Lists Req for Find Conclusions
N212A Status Conferences-Trial Lists
N212B PreTrial and PreTrial Settlement Conferences
N216 Continuances and Modification of Time
N217A Costs
N217B Taxation of Bill of Costs and Appeal
N217C Security for Costs from Non-Resident
N223 Conduct of Jury Trial
N225 Content of Opening and Summing Up
N227.1 Post-Trial Relief
N229 Discontinuace in Divorce
N236 Notice by Prothonotary of Entry of Order...
N250A Money Paid into Court
N250B Assignments for Benefit of Creditors
N250C Cost of Transcripts-Deposit of Fee for...
N250D Bankruptcy-Notice of Stay
N440 Notices and Service by Publication
N100 Second Test Rule
N1019 Plading of Statues, Ordinances...
N205.4 Electronic Filing
collapse SubCourtRule : Compulsory Arbitration ‎(6)
N1301 Scope
N1302 Selection and Compensation of Arbitrators
N1303 Hearing-Continuances
N1306 Award, Rule 238 Damages
N1308 Appeal by Party not Present
N1311 Procedure on Appeal
collapse SubCourtRule : Confession of Judgment for Money ‎(1)
N2959 Procedure for Petition to Open or Strike...
collapse SubCourtRule : Enforcement of Judgments in Special Actions... ‎(1)
N3162 Stay of Execution. Setting Aside Execution
collapse SubCourtRule : Enforcement of Money Judgment for the Payment... ‎(7)
N3102 Writ of Execution on Mortgaged Premises
N3112 Service by Publication
N3121 Stay of Execution. Security and Indemnity...
N3123 Sheriffs Appraisement
N3124 Place of Sheriffs Sale
N3129.2 Real Property
N3144 Counsel Fee for Garnishee
collapse SubCourtRule : Forms ‎(3)
N3252(b) Organization Named in Notice of Writ...
N4017(d) Filing of Certificate of Depositation
N4017.1 Objections at Videotape Depositions
collapse SubCourtRule : Incompetents as Parties ‎(1)
N2064 Compromise Settlement and Physicians...
collapse SubCourtRule : Joinder of Parties ‎(1)
N2232 Notice to Nonjoining Spouse or Parent...
collapse SubCourtRule : Minors as Parties ‎(1)
N2039 Compromise Settlement and Physician's...
collapse SubCourtRule : Rules of Construction ‎(1)
N76 Definitions
collapse SubCourtRule : Substitution of Parties ‎(1)
N2353 Service by Publication
collapse Court Rule : Criminal Procedure ‎(25)
collapse SubCourtRule : Arrest Without Warrant - Filing of Complaint ‎(1)
N519.101 Procedure in Court Cases Initiated by...
collapse SubCourtRule : Pre-Trial Procedure ‎(10)
N120 Private Counsel Notice of Appear
N120.101 Attorneys - Appearances
N121 Entrance of Appearance by Standy-By Counsel
N122 Motions for Change of Counsel
N150 Bench Warrant
N571.101 Arraignment
N573.101 Time Limits for Discovery and Extension . . .
N573.102 Waiver of Attendance at Omnibus Hearing
N586.101 Form of Application for Approval of...
N801 Qualification of Def Counsel in Capital Case
collapse SubCourtRule : Proceedings Before Issuing Authority ‎(1)
N547.101 Return of Transcript and Original...
collapse SubCourtRule : Scope of Rules, Construction and Definitions... ‎(2)
N100.101 Northampton County Rules of Criminal...
N507: Approval of Police Complaints and Arrest Warrant Affidavits by an Attorney for the Commonwealth
collapse SubCourtRule : Sentencing ‎(10)
N700.101 Sentencing Judge
N702 Aids in Imposing Sentence
N720 Post-Sentence Procedures
N520(B) Posting Bail
N527 Release on R.O.R. or Nominal Bail
N528 Types of Bail
N530 Designation of Local Bail Agency
N531 Qualifications of Surety and Bail Bondsmen
N534 Duration of Obligation - Termination of Case
N535.1 Return of Deposits; Charges
collapse SubCourtRule : Trial ‎(1)
N647 Requested Points for Charge
collapse Court Rule : District Justice Rules ‎(2)
collapse SubCourtRule : Appeal ‎(2)
N1002 Time and Method of Appeal. Late Filing
N1008 Landload-Tenant Appeals; Appeal as...
collapse Court Rule : Family Law Rules ‎(30)
collapse SubCourtRule : Action for Support ‎(12)
N1910.1 Scope
N1910.4 Commencement of Action. Fee. Filings
N1910.5 Orders Motions Rules
N1910.6 Special Relief Emer Support
N1910.9 Discovery
N1910.11 Continue Sched Conf
N1910.15 Paternity
N1910.16-5(e) Support Guidelines. Operation
N1910.20 Support Order. Enforcement
N1910.21 Civil Contempt
N1910.22 Attachment of Income
N1910.26(c) Form of Complaint. Order. Income...
collapse SubCourtRule : Action of Divorce or Annulment of Marriage ‎(13)
N1920.3 Application of Pending Actions
N1920.21 Bill of Particulars in Divorce or...
N1920.31 Joinder of Related Claims. Procedure
N1920.32 Custody; Reference to Child Custody...
N1920.42 Affidavit and Decree Under Sections...
N1920.45 Counseling. Notices. Costs. Form.
N1920.46 Vital Statistics Information; Military...
N1920.51 Pre-Trial Conference. Appointment of...
N1920.62(c) Proceedings of Indigent Parties
N1920.71 Form of Notice
N1920.72(d) Final Decrees
N1920.73 Form of Praecipe to Transmit Record
N1920.74 Form of Motion for Appointment of...
collapse SubCourtRule : Actions for Custody, Partial Custody & Visitation ‎(5)
N1915.1 Child Custody Conferance Officer. Child...
N1915.8-1 Home Studies
N1915.19 Co-Parent Education Program
N1915.1 Amendment
N1915.4-1, N1915.4-3 Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Custody Procedures
collapse Court Rule : Orphan's Court Rules ‎(75)
collapse SubCourtRule :  ‎(1)
Orphans' Court Rules Note
collapse SubCourtRule : Miscellaneous Petitions ‎(2)
N12.15.1 Title to Real Property. Determination
N12.15.2 Petition to Fix or Waive Additional...
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 1. Judges - Local Rules Business of the Court ‎(6)
N1.2.1 Index of Proceedings
N1.2.2 Sessions
N1.2.3 Argument
N1.2.4 Attorneys
N1.2.5 Sureties
N1.2.6 Corporate Fiduciaries. Approval. Security
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 10. Register of Wills ‎(5)
N10.2.1 Certification of Register's Records to...
N10.2.2 Appeals
N10.2.3 Certifications. Appeals. Order to Place...
N10.2.4 Grant of Jury Trial
N10.2.5 Orders and Decrees
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 11. Jury Trials ‎(1)
N11.2.1 Listing for Trial
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 12. Special Petitions ‎(14)
N12.1.1 When Petition Required
N12.1.2 Voluntary Distribution
N12.1.3 Family Exemption; Allownace
N12.2.1 Appraisal of Property
N12.3.1 Extension of Time. Contents of Petition...
N12.6.1 Appointment of a Trustee. Exhibits...
N12.9.1 Public Sale of Real Property. Additional..
N12.9.2 Exhibits
N12.9.3 Notice. Confirmation
N12.9.4 Security
N12.10.1 Private Sale of Real Property Exhibits
N12.10.2 Security
N12.11.1 Mortgage or Lease of Real Property...
N12.11.2 Mortgage or Lease of Real Property...
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 13. Distribution - Special Situations ‎(2)
N13.2.1 Proof of Notice to Consulate
N13.3.1 Report by Fidcuicary. For, Time and Place for Filing
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 14. Estates of Incapacitated Persons ‎(10)
N14.2.1 Petition and Hearing
N14.2.2 Selection of Guardian. Non-Residents
N14.2.3 Security. Individual Guardian
N14.2.4 Preliminary Decree
N14.2.5 Notice of Proof of Service
N14.2.6 Findings of Fact
N14.2.7 Information as to Rights
N14.2.8 Testamentary Writings
N14.2.9 Extension of Emergency Order
N14.5.1 Payments During Incapacity
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 15. Adoptions ‎(4)
N15.1.1 Appropriate Proposed Decree
N15.3.1 Contents of Petition. Additional...
N15.4.1 Contents of Petitions. Additional...
N15.5.1 Adoption. Additional Requirements
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 17. Short Title ‎(1)
N17.1 Short Title
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 3. Pleading and Practice ‎(6)
N3.1.1 Conformity to Equity Practice. In General..
N3.1.2 Notice to Defend
N3.2.1 Pleadings
N3.2.2 Joinder of Issue
N3.4.1 Form. Additional Requirements
N3.5.1 Service of Copies of Pleadings...
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 5. Notice ‎(3)
N5.1.1 Legal Periodical
N5.1.2 Service on Attorneys
N5.4.1 Return of Notice. Additional Requirements
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 6. Accounts and Distribution ‎(12)
N6.1.1 Form
N6.1.2 Certificate to Accounts
N6.3.1 Notice. Additional Requirements
N6.3.2 Time for Calling of Accounts for Audit
N6.3.3 Time for Filing of Accounts for Audit
N6.3.4 Advertisement of Call for Audit
N6.9.1 Audit Statement for Distribution Embodying.
N6.10.1 Objections. Form and Content
N6.10.2 Objections. Time for Filing
N6.10.3 Objections. Service. Return
N6.10.4 Objections. Failure to Make. Effect
N6.11.1 Decree of Distribution. Real Property
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 7. Exceptions ‎(2)
N7.1.1 Exceptions. Forms and Contents
N7.1.2 Exceptions. Time for Filing
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 8. Auditors and Masters ‎(3)
N8.1.1 Manner of Notice and To Whom Given
N8.6.1 Notice of Intention to File
N8.7.1 Manner of Confirmation and Approval of...
collapse SubCourtRule : Rule 9. Official Examiners ‎(3)
N9.1.1 Appointment
N9.1.2 Report of Examiner
N9.1.3 Compensation
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