Northampton County Jail

Make a difference, become a Volunteer

​The Northampton County Department of Corrections offers an array of different programs to the inmate population. Volunteers have a unique value in the County Jail. They integrate those outside, with those, inside to aide in the re-entry process. If you feel a desire to volunteer your time at our institution, please contact the office of Volunteer services Coordinator Chris Gebhardt @ 610-829-7642 or email at

Volunteer Service for Non-Profit Organizations

All Non-Profit Organizations may participate in the Northampton County Community Service Program. Northampton County inmates will come to your organization and perform duties for your agency at no cost to you.

In order to qualify, you must be a 5013C organization and be able to provide us with your tax id showing your Non-Profit status.

Should you have any questions contact the Community Corrections Program at 610-829-7659.

Northampton County Jail Community Announcements

Prison Rape Elimination Act

Northampton County Prison has a zero tolerance standard for incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. All allegations of sexual harassment and assault will be investigated thoroughly in order to provide prompt medical and administrative intervention to those involved. While incarcerated in Northampton County Prison, you have the right to be safe and free from sexual abuse and assault. For further Info please see Brochure Rape Elimination Act.

Reporting Options:

  • You also can make a report to the PREA Hotline at 844-429-5412  or #99 on housing unit phones for current inmates. This resource is located outside the NCDOC, and you can remain anonymous upon request.
  • Support services are available from the  Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape  (PCAR) and can be reached at  1-888-772-7227
  • You also can contact the PREA Coordinator or PREA Compliance Manager at:
  • PREA Coordinator:  Thomas Herstich, Public Safety Administrator | (610) 829-7480
  • PREA Compliance Manager:  Mark Bartholomew | (610) 829-7405